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Driver Rehabilitation Specialist

Cynthia Burt, OTR, the CEO and owner of Drive-Able LLC opened her own comprehensive driver rehabilitation program to serve the metropolitan Detroit area after 15 years specializing in the field of driver rehabilitation at Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan at the Detroit Medical Center. Her over 30 years of experience as an occupational therapist in clinical and management roles has prepared her to make the transition to private practice. Cynthia is a respected expert in the field of driver rehabilitation, having contributed to the first academic textbook on driver rehabilitation and community mobility. She has contributed to research in peer reviewed medical journals and has served as an expert in older driver issues and driving with a disability for numerous organizations and events.


Drive-Able, LLC provides comprehensive occupational therapy based driver rehabilitation evaluation, including clinical assessments which assess an individual’s cognitive, visual and physical abilities related to driving performance and behind-the-wheel assessments.  It provides rehabilitative driver training to qualified individuals wih disability or medical condtions that affect driving performance. It also provides vehicle modification prescriptions for drivers and disabled passengers, driver readiness assessments and driver cessation planning and community mobility consultation.


While our aim is to return as many people to the road as possible, community safety is our number one goal. For those unable to return to driving, we can provide resources for locating and maintaining community mobility options and devising a personal mobility plan to ease the transition from driver to non-driver

Our Philosophy

Drive-Able, LLC is committed to helping people have access to transportation throughout the lifespan.  It's not how you do it, it's that you do it.



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