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Persons eligible for the program include those with a disability or medical problem of an acute or chronic nature, or older adults with age related changes in driving performance.


In order to be scheduled for services at DRIVE-ABLE, LLC  you must:


  • Have a physician prescription for "Driver Rehabilitation Evaluation and Training" with your diagnosis or medical condition written by your doctor.

  • Have a valid driver license or a temporary instruction permit from your state of residence.  Michigan residents with a suspended license may be eligible for a temporary license or temporary instruction permit by having their doctor complete a Physician Statement of Examination and submitting it to the Secretary of State, Driver Assessment Division.  Click on the

  • Be your own guardian and you must not require supervision at home or in the community.  Individuals living in supported environments may be admitted with supporting documentation.

  • Be episode free (seizure, fainting spell, changes in level of consciousness or any other condition causing a change in mental status that may affect driving) for a period of 6 months.

  • Have visual acuity better than 20/60 unless driving with bioptic lenses.

  • Have horizontal peripheral vision better than 90 degrees.

  • Be over 18 or have a level one driver license.  Teens under 18 without a level one driver license may be admitted for a clinical assessment only for the purpose of driver readiness consultation.

  • Be able to transfer into a vehicle with minimal assistance.






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