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Older Drivers

Member of ADED since 1998

Comprehensive Driver Rehabilitation Evaluation: Includes a clinical assessment to assess medical and physical condition, visual function, and cognitive ability and one to two Behind-the-Wheel Assessments based on diagnosis. The amount of time for evaluation is dependent on the diagnosis and client ability, but the average evaluation is 3 hours.
Vehicle Modification Assessment: An assessment to determine the needs for vehicle modification prescription to individuals with disability and/or their families for the purpose of accessible transportation for a driver or passenger.
Driver Readiness Evaluation: A clinical assessment for teens with disability to determine potential to drive, appropriate training options, potential costs associated with training and equipment. It provides resources to the teen and their family so they can make decisions regarding the right time to enter into the driver rehabilitation process. The evaluation averages 2 hours.
Driver Rehabilitation Training: Behind-the-Wheel training and individualized didactic instruction related to driving performance and rules of the road. It includes instruction in the use of adaptive driving equipment and compensatory driving strategies. Most training sessions are one-hour in length
Vehicle Conformance Assessment: An assessment typically done at the delivery of the adaptive vehicle. Its purpose is to determine the vehicle modification was performed as prescribed and that any modifications to the prescription are approved by the prescriber. It frequently includes a final driving assessment in the client's vehicle with the prescribed adaptive equipment. It is recommended for all individuals having adapted equipment installed on their vehicle to ensure proper fit to optimize operation of the equipment. It is usually required for all van modifications receiving funding by Michigan Rehabilitation Services and many auto no-fault payors. There is a minimum charge of 2 hours to account for travel time to the mobility equipment vendor location.
Senior Driving Evaluation: An evaluation designed to determine the driving skills of the older adult. It includes a vision assessment; physical assessment, including a brake reaction time test; a cognitive assessment and when applicable two Behind-the-Wheel Assessments. The second Behind-the-Wheel Assessment is performed in the driver’s home area to locations familiar to the senior and includes a problem solving scenario designed to simulate a detour to provide a more in depth analysis of their driving skill. This is a 3 ½ hour to 4 hour evaluation spread over 2-3 appointments.
Driver Cessation and Alternative Transportation Consultation: Provides individual with a plan to transition from driving to driving cessation. It includes transportation options tailored to the individuals living situation with an emphasis on looking at total monthly transportation budget rather than the cost of an individual trip. The average session is 2 hours.



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