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Sources of Funding for Driver Rehabilitation

Auto No-Fault - if your injuries were the result of a car accident in Michigan, Auto No-Fault insurance may cover the cost of driver rehabilitation and necessary modifications to your vehicle

Worker Compensation - If your injuries were the result of a work related injury and your injury was covered under worker compensation the cost of driver rehabilitation services and necessary vehicle modifications may be covered by your worker compensation carrier.

Michigan Rehabilitation Services (MRS) - If you have a disability and plan to return to work or school and can link driving to your ability to return to work or school, Michigan Rehabilitation Services, the states vocational rehabilitation program, may cover a portion of costs for driver rehabilitation and vehicle  modification.   You need to contact your local Michigan Rehabilitation Serivices (MRS) office, attend an orientation and be assigned a case worker to develop a work plan before they will send a voucher for services. For more information on services available from Michigan Rehabilitation Services click on the link to the right.

Michigan Crime Victims Fund - If your injuries were sustained as a victim of crime in Michigan the Michigan Crime Victims Fund may reimburse you for unreimbursed medical expenses.  Drive-Able, LLC service's are provided by an occupational theapist and may qualify as an unreimbursed medical expense.  For more information on Michigan Crime Victims Fund, click on the link to the right.

Medical Insurance - Major Medical Insurances typically do not cover Driver Rehabilitation Services, therefore we do not direct bill medicare, medicaid or major medical insurance carriers.  We recommend that individuals without insurance coverage for driver rehabilitation services consider driver rehabilitation services as you would a major car or vehicle repair expense.  If you would spend $500-$1500 to repair your vehicle to maintain your independence, you may want to consider paying for driver rehabilitation services, after all the most important safety feature of your vehicle is you. 

Alternative Sources of Funding - Some disability aid organizations such as the MS Society will assist with covering driver rehabilitation services as an unreimbursed medical expense, so it is good to check with local chapters.  Other people have received funds from their churches or other volunteer or charitable organizations.  Some individuals have had family and friend fund raisers which can be especially helpful if the indivdual will need a modified vehicle.  The Michigan MS Society is one disability aid organization that has assisted indivduals with driver rehabilitation or vehicle modification funding.  If you have a diagnosis of MS click the link on the right for more information.


Cash, Mastercard and Visa

For those without a 3rd Party Funding Source we accept cash, checks, master card or visa for your convenience.




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